UPR 5301

Electrospun Polysaccharidic Textiles for Biomedical Applications

We are publishing a new review on electrospun polysaccharide textiles for biomedical applications, in a new open access journal entitled Textiles, which covers studies in the field of textile science and industry. Click on the title for more information.

“Recent developments in electrospinning technology have enabled the commercial-scale production of nonwoven fabrics from synthetic and natural polymers. Since the early 2000s, polysaccharides and their derivatives have been recognized as promising raw materials for electrospinning, and their electrospun textiles have attracted increasing attention for their diverse potential applications. In particular, their biomedical applications have been spotlighted thanks to their “green” aspects, e.g., abundance in nature, biocompatibility, and biodegradability. This review focuses on three main research topics in the biomedical applications of electrospun polysaccharidic textiles: (i) delivery of therapeutic molecules, (ii) tissue engineering, and (iii) wound healing, and discusses recent progress and prospects.”

The review is availaible over here.