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Information system

CERMAV’s information system department is responsible for several activities. The department traditionally manages the IT infrastructure and services for CERMAV. It is also involved in IT developments for the community as well as in the implementation of good organizational practices within the unit.


Rémi BAPTISTE 04 76 03 76 38
Fabien LACOMBE 04 76 03 76 37
Alexis FERRIERES  04 76 03 76 37

The information system department relies on an IT committee for decisions. Such committee is supported by IT correspondents who are identified in each research team and act as first level assistance for users.

Salle serveurs Cermav

System and network administration

As CNRS is the legal representative of our lab which is located within an university environment on the Grenoble campus, Cermav independently managed of all network activities (DNS, messaging, Web, etc.) and safety which are essential today. The lab also has full WiFi coverage and offers users the eduroam service.

Management and service activities

The department is involved in aspects of lab organization with the development of software tools (staff management, laboratory scientific production, management of mass spectrometry and NMR analyses, etc.) and the website administration. Classically, it participates in the implementation and maintenance of functional tools necessary for research activities (steering scientific equipment, etc.) as well as technical support for users (definition of hardware and software needs, technical support).

Research activities

The department develops software in the field of molecular modeling and the development of databases, the implementation of which is part of the concern to perpetuate the scientific information of the laboratory and to disseminate it to the scientific community. These developments have led to various achievements such as Axonym  (codification of heteroxylans), databases of three-dimensional structures of molecules (Glycosciences portal Glyco3D ), NanoGoldMaker (construction of 3D structures of Nano gold particles) or the Amidotheque    ( Starch Microscopy Image Database).