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Cermav is strongly involved in sharing the knowledge it has generated and opening up scientific results. We aim at sharing at different audiences: the scientific community, the media and the general public.

Our data basis

We are involved in feeding databases gathering data on:

  •  the three-dimensional structures of carbohydrates and proteins that interact with them;
  •  the structure, morphology and composition of native starch grains from a large number of botanical sources.


We have also developed an online application that automatically generates heteroxylan oligosaccharide names following the “rich and informative naming system for the oligosaccharide motifs of heteroxylans found in plant cell walls” introduced by Faur et al. . in Australian Journal of Chemistry (2009).

These tools are freely available for the scientific community at large. 

Our publications, theses and book chapters

Our scientific results are published as much as possible in open access journals, and made available in the multidisciplinary open archive HAL

Our thesis defenses are announced in advance to allow anyone interested to make a request to attend.

All of our publications and theses are referenced in a database that we have developed ourselves and that we make available to the community on our website

An original way of communicating is to bring together a series of articles on glycoscience available for free access on the Internet, primarily for the promotion of this field and for educational purposes. Glycopedia Virtual Chapters target important topics in the broader field of glycoscience.

General public

Several actions help to promote an attractive image among citizens, especially young people. These actions are guided by a local and national plan with contributions from the general public and our researchers.
A first example is the « Fête de la Science » in which we take part every year.
We also actively participate in meetings with the scientific media.


Our work is regularly cited in professional or general press articles that we reference on our website

Social medias

Cermav is active on social networks and communicates on them regularly: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Canal U… Do not hesitate to follow us and interact with us !