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Nuclear magnetic resonance
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Nuclear magnetic resonance

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Platform (PRMN) belongs to the Chemistry-Nanobio Platform of the Grenoble Institute of Molecular Chemistry (ICMG). It shares 5 NMR spectrometers, two of which are located at CERMAV, 4 technical staff and a scientific coordinator. The equipment is open to ICMG researchers and also to external users (academic and private laboratories) within the framework of service provision.

The spectrometers are equipped with different probes, thus offering a wide range of experiments in liquid, solid and gel NMR.

The platform’s fields of expertise are varied:

  • Characterisation of complex biopolymer molecules of therapeutic interest, of synthetic or biological origin
  • Characterisation of molecules derived from natural product extraction, total synthesis or bio-mimetic synthesis for drug development
  • Investigation of the physicochemistry of assemblies in solution
  • Characterisation of oligo and polysaccharides
  • Characterisation of cellulose by solid state NMR
  • Characterisation of dia and paramagnetic complexes in solution
  • Characterisation of protein and complex molecule interactions

The characteristics of these different equipments are available on the website : https://icmg.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/plateaux-techniques

Nuclear magnetic resonance