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Characterization of materials
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Characterization of materials

The technical platform comprises a range of advanced, state-of-the-art instruments for characterizing the thermomechanical properties of single-component or (nano)composite materials, and for characterizing the morphology of porous materials. It also includes a suite of equipment for processing samples in various forms (specimens, films, aero/cryogels, etc.). The team in charge of the platform includes two scientific managers and a technical manager, with particular expertise in the study of partially or fully bio-based materials: nanocellulose/elastomer nanocomposites, renewable polymers such as thermoplastic starch, nano- and micro-fiber cryogels, etc.

 Processing and characterization methods and resources

Sample processing

  • Preparation of nano/micrometric biosourced fillers (cellulose, chitin, starch)
  • Chemical or physical modification of fillers / dispersion optimization
  • Production of films/specimens/solid foams (extruder, press, freeze-dryer, thermostatic mixer, etc.)

Characterization and instrumentation

  • Tensile tests: moduli, elongation, fracture, multi-fragmentation
    Shimadzu Autograph AGS-X instrument and TCE-N300 thermostatic chamber
  • – DMA: E’ and E” modulus at different frequencies, Tg, elongation
    Metravib DMA 50 instrument
  • – DSC: melting, crystallization, Tg
    DSC Q200 TA Instruments
  • Specific surface area and porosity measurement (nitrogen adsorption/desorption, BET analysis)
    Quantachrome Nova 2200e instrument
  • Data analysis, balance sheet

Access conditions

The equipment is accessible to all Unit staff upon request by e-mail to the technical platform managers. For external users, whether academic or industrial, access to the equipment is subject to submitting a service request form. The manager will draw up an estimate, and propose a date and invoice for the analysis. Prices on request.



Laurent Heux, Sonia Boisseau, scientific managers, 04 76 03 76 03 
Pierre Sailler, technical manager, 06 23 33 34 46