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Health and safety

Due to its multidisciplinary nature, our laboratory presents many different risks: chemical, biological, laser, mechanical, risks related to the presence of sealed sources, magnetic fields, pressurised equipment, etc.

The three Prevention Assistants work under the responsibility of the unit director  in collaboration with the Prevention and Safety Department of the Alpes delegation https://www.alpes.cnrs.fr/fr

Their missions are the following :

  • Advise the director and staff
  • Identify and assess risks in the single document, propose and monitor corrective actions 
  • Promote the safety culture
  • Welcoming and training new employees: more than thirty per year
  • Analysing accidents/incidents and keeping the occupational health and safety register
  • Organise first aid
  • Organise waste management : approximately 3,000 kg of waste per year 
  • Monitor periodic inspections and contracts: electricity, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fume cupboards, lifts, boilers, centrifuges, scales, intrusion alarms, anoxia detectors
  • Drawing up prevention plans linked to the intervention of external companies
  • Ensuring the follow-up of regulatory training in health and safety at work
  • Planning the Health and Safety Committee once a year

The prevention assistants help the laboratory Director with the investment policy to be carried out; these investments are partly financed by the INC. This has made it possible to acquire numerous safety cabinets, to replace fume cupboards, to install a secure weighing station, to install a hydrogenator to replace the existing hydrogen line, to invest in numerous ATEX refrigerators and freezers…. 

The laboratory has a systematic policy of bringing the facilities into compliance during renovation works the budget.

Prevention Assistants team :

  • Patrick Perez  
  • Patricia Chaud
  • Isabelle Jeacomine