Rapid access to discrete and monodisperse block co-oligomers from sugar and terpenoid toward ultrasmall periodic nanostructures

29 October 2020
We just published in Nature Communications Chemistry in collaboration with our colleagues at Hokkaido Univ (Sapporo, Japan) a study on carbohydrate-based copolymers for nanolithography - a major breakthrough (4nm resolution) never attained before

« Discrete block co-oligomers (BCOs) are gaining considerable attention due to their potential
to form highly ordered ultrasmall nanostructures suitable for lithographic templates. However,
laborious synthetic routes present a major hurdle to the practical application. Herein, we
report a readily available discrete BCO system that is capable of forming various selfassembled
nanostructures with ultrasmall periodicity. Click coupling of propargylfunctionalized
sugars (containing 1–7 glucose units) and azido-functionalized terpenoids
(containing 3, 4, and 9 isoprene units) afforded the discrete and monodisperse BCOs with a
desired total degree of polymerization and block ratio. These BCOs microphase separated
into lamellar, gyroid, and cylindrical morphologies with the domain spacing (d) of 4.2–7.5 nm.
Considering easy synthesis and rich phase behavior, presented BCO systems could be highly
promising for application to diverse ~4-nm nanofabrications. »

The article is availaible over here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42004-020-00385-y

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