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Bernard Henrissat is elected member of the Academy of Sciences

At the end of the elections opened in 2023, the Academy of Sciences has just elected 18 new members, including our former colleague Bernard Henrissat in the “Chemical, biological and medical sciences, and their applications” division, chemistry section.

CERMAV and the community are really proud of him !

Bernard Henrissat completed his doctorate thesis at Cermav. His thesis work, carried out under the supervision of Hugues Driguez, focused on the “Synthesis and use of substrate analogues in the study of the specificity and mechanism of action of cockchafer trehalase” (defense on Sept. 24th, 1979).

Bernard Henrissat then joined Henri Chanzy at Cermav and completed his state thesis (which is now the equivalent of an authorization to supervise research) on the “Structure and enzymatic reactivity of cellulose” (defense on Sept. 10th 1985).

A CNRS researcher at Cermav from 1980 to 1998, Bernard Henrissat obtained the CNRS’ bronze medal in 1988.

Bernard Henrissat is currently a CNRS emeritus Research Director, working at the Architecture and Function of Biological Macromolecules (AFMB) laboratory . He has developed the CAZY (Carbohydrate Active Enzymes) database which is a reference in the field of Glycosciences.

Read the press release from the Academy of Sciences