The Cermav would not wish to dissociate itself from involvement in the dissemination of scientific information. Strengthened by their expertise in the area of new information technologies, its researchers have been involved in the compilation of data bases involving information on three-dimensional structures of carbohydrates and protein that interact with these.

These data banks are freely available to the wider scientific community. A somewhat different enterprise involves the creation of a series of internet articles (virtual chapters) on plant polysaccharides primarily for teaching purposes.

Several actions contribute to foster an attractive image for young people. These actions are guided by a local and national plan with contributions from the general public and young scholars and by active participation to demonstarte the breadth of Science and meetings with the scientific media.

From the range of research themes under investigaton and the number of players participating in the researches, Cermav can probably be considered to be one of the most important European research structures in the field of carbohydrate and polysaccharide research.

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