Support fonctions


Financial management includes the development of laboratory budgets. These are used to plan and have visibility into the smooth running of operations and future projects.

Administrative Management and Human Resources

Services related to administrative and personnel management as well as reception.


The Cermav would not wish to dissociate itself from involvement in the dissemination of scientific information. Strengthened by their expertise in the area of new information technologies, its researchers have been involved in the compilation of data bases involving information on three-dimensional structures of carbohydrates and protein that interact with these.

Health and safety

The Health & Safety Committee is a consultative body which aims at protecting health and security among the unit.

Information system

The Information Technology service provides a very classical service to all CERMAV staff as well as those within the Institute of Molecular Chemistry of Grenoble (ICMG). Some developments towards the community are already offered along with the implementation of good organizational practices within the research unit.


The Cermav's library consists of more than 4000 books and 180 series in the fields of polymers, carbohydrate molecules and macromolecules.

Technical service and logistics

The Technical and Logistics Manager is responsible for ensuring the development, implementation and technical and logistical coordination of the event. It ensures the implementation of human and material resources as well as the necessary services for the smooth technical progress of the event.