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Centre de recherches sur les macromolécules végétales

A New Route to NAG-NAM Disaccharide, an Important Building Block for Peptidoglycan Oligomer Synthesis.

The Chemistry and Biotechnology team of CERMAV has just published a very efficient methodological approach for the synthesis of the repeating unit of peptidoglycan, an essential constituent of the bacterial cell wall whose biosynthesis is targeted by most antibiotics. This first result is the basis of a global strategy for accessing synthetic peptidoglycan oligomers, fundamental tools to decipher the life cycle of this complex polymer. Click on the title for more information.

Kanhaya Lal thesis defense on December 15th , 2021

Kanhaya LAL is defending his thesis at CERMAV in the framework of the European project PhD4GlycoDrug, in co-tutorship with the University of Milan. It is entitled "Structure-based design of Glycomimetic ligands for the N-Terminal domain of BC2L-C Lectin".

Antoine Rousseau thesis defense on December 16th , 2021

Antoine Rousseau completed his thesis at Cermav under the co-supervision of Sébastien Fort (CNRS Research Director) and Sylvie Armand (Lecturers at Université Grenoble Alpes). It is entitled "Peptidoglycan oligomers synthesis to study the bacterial cell wall metabolism". Click on the title for more information.

Video : Hamed Ahmadi-Nohadi research work

Discover the manufacture of micro / nanofiber layers by the electrospinning method developed in Hamed Ahmadi-Nohadi's thesis under the supervision of Issei Otsuka, thanks to funding from Labex Arcane. Click on the title to access the video.