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Anne Imberty

Senior Researcher CNRS
04 76 03 76 36

Scientific activities

The research interests of Dr. Anne Imberty are in the field of structural glycobiology, with main interest on biologically active oligosaccharides and their interaction with lectins and glycosyltransferases. She solved several crystal structures of oligosaccharides and of lectin/carbohydrate complexes. Her main interest is the characterization of the molecular basis of recognition between lectins from pathogens and human glycoconjugates and design of glycocompounds with anti-infectious properties.

Her present research projects are centered on lectins from opportunistic bacteria that are involved in the first steps of infection. Structural characterization of these lectins and of their interaction with human glycoconjugates is opening the route for the design of glycocompounds with anti-bacterial activities.

Thématiques de recherche

  • Structural glycobiology
  • Synthetic glycobiology
  • Lectins and their carbohydrate ligands
  • Biophysics of interactions
  • Database and bioinformatics

List of publications (pdf file)