UPR 5301

Carbohydrate-attached fullerene derivative for selective localization in ordered carbohydrate-block-poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanodomains

Vers des dispositifs photovoltaïques à base de copolymères biosourcés hautement nano-organisés. Cliquez sur le titre pour accéder aux informations.

« A carbohydrate-based fullerene derivative (AcMal7-C61) is designed, synthesized and applied to a lamellarforming
high-χ block copolymer system, poly(3-hexylthiophene)-block-peracetylated maltoheptaose (P3HT-b-
AcMal7), to actualize an ordered donor/acceptor (D/A) network. A well-defined D/A lamellar structure of the
P3HT-b-AcMal7:AcMal7-C61 blend with sub-10 nm domain features is achieved upon thermal annealing. The
AcMal7-C61 molecules are localized in the phase-separated AcMal7 nanodomains without causing the formation
of fullerene crystals while maintaining the lamellar morphology up to 1:0.5 (D:A) blending ratio. The crosssectional
TEM observation and GISAXS measurement reveals that the P3HT-b-AcMal7 tends to spontaneously
organize into lamellar structures oriented perpendicular to the film surface at the air/film interface while the
domain orientation at the bottom interface depends on the nature of the substrate. »

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