Technical Platforms

Characterization of materials

The technical platform has the equipment to implement composite (nano) materials and to perform mechanical and thermal characterization. The research team responsible for the technical platform also has particular expertise in the field of bio-renewable fillers and polymers (microfibrils and cellulose whiskers, thermoplastic starch, proteins, etc.). Contacts: Laurent Heux, Sonia Boisseau, scientific managers, 04 76 03 76 03


The CERMAV Common Chromatography Service (SC3), consisting of a set of liquid chromatography and gas phase chromatography equipment. The Service is located within the university area of ​​Grenoble-Saint Martin d'Hères. SC3). It is under the joint supervision of a scientific manager, Claire Boisset (IR2-CNRS) and a technical manager, Laurine Buon (AI-CNRS) assisted by a technician, Philippe Colin-Morel. All of them are specialists in the analysis of all types of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. They have expertise in gas chromatography as well as in high and low-pressure liquid chromatography. They work in harmony with the nearby ICMG nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (SM) platforms.

Mass spectrometry

All equipment is part of the joint nanobio chemistry platform of the Institute of Molecular Chemistry of Grenoble (PCN-ICMG) Contact: Dr. Yves Gimbert, research director at DCM, scientific manager, 04 76 51 43 44


This equipment is part of the Nanobio Nanobio Joint Technology Platform of the Institute of Molecular Chemistry of Grenoble (PCN-ICMG) Contact: Dr. Jean-Luc Putaux, Research Director, Scientific Manager, 04 76 03 76 04 Dr. Christine Lancelon Pin , design engineer, technical manager, 04 76 03 76 10

Nuclear magnetic resonance

The spectrometers are part of the « Chimie Nanobio » Common Technlogical Platform Chimie within the Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de Grenoble (PCN-ICMG) Contact : Isabelle Jeacomine, Technical contact, 04 76 03 76 22

Radiation scattering

Within the team 'Physicochemistry of glycopolymers' run by Dr Redouane Borsali, and in the framework of Cermav approaches on multi-scale structural characterization on glycomaterials, we develop radiation scattering techniques. These techniques allow for instance to characterize nano-organized self-assemblies (particles,micelles, vesicles, films...) based on glycopolymers. These different systems find interest in diverse application domains: molecular recognition, functionalized nanoparticles and glycofilms for future technologies (nanoelectronics, nanobiosciences...).


Etude et caractérisation rhéologique de solutions aqueuses et hydrogels de polysaccharides. Contact : Rachel Auzely Velty, professeur, responsable scientifique, 04 76 03 76 71 Eric Bayma-Pécit, assistant ingénieur, responsable technique, 04 76 03 76 70

Scientific computing

Le Cermav dispose d'une part, de moyens informatiques propres au laboratoire et d'autre part, des moyens informatiques du CECIC, Centre d'Expérimentation et de Calcul Intensif en Chimie qui représente le plateau "Chimie Modélisation et Informatique" de l'ICMG. Contacts : Dr Anne Milet, professeur, responsable scientifique, 04 76 51 48 04 Dr Alain Rivet, ingénieur de recherche, responsable technique, 04 76 03 76 37