Sami Halila wins The Cosmetic Victories Academic Award!

23 March 2022
The Carbogels project is managed by Sami Halila (CNRS researcher) at Cermav, and led to patent application for a new class of organogelator with adjustable rheological properties for cosmetics and dermopharmacy. Click on the title for more information.

The Cosmetic Victories reward contest is organized every year and is sponsored by the Cosmetic ValleyESSEC endowment fund. It promotes innovative and research projects linked to the perfumery and cosmetics value chain through two prizes:

  • The Academic Prize to reward excellence in research, and
  • The Industry Prize to reward the best innovation of the year 2022.

The ceremony was broadcast live, and it is available in replay:

Sami Halila (CNRS researcher at Cermav) wins the academic award for the Carbogels project.
Congratulations to Sami Halila as well as to all the candidates for their projects.

Focus on the candidates:

Academic Award:
– Niki Baccile, CNRS Researcher – Sorbonne University (France)
Sami Halila, CNRS Researcher – CNRS – National Center for Scientific Research (France)
– Boboescu Iulian Zoltan, Assistant professor – Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands)

Industrial Award:
– Stefan Mazy, CEO Founder – Derma Health Solutions Pty Ltd. (Australia)
– Adrien Faure, Cosmetic Project Manager – PolymerExpert (France)
– Jonathan Maisonneuve, Venture Partner & Claude Grison, Scientific Director BioInspir (France)

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