Computational tools for drawing, building and displaying carbohydrates: a visual guide

12 October 2020
This article is intended for anyone who's interested in the different levels of representation of glycomolecules. From the "freehand" draft to the virtual reality immersion, the tools and applications available in open access are presented, gauged and explained.

“Drawing and visualisation of molecular structures are some of the most common tasks carried out in structural glycobiology, typically
using various software. In this perspective article, we outline developments in the computational tools for the sketching, visualisation
and modelling of glycans. The article also provides details on the standard representation of glycans, and glycoconjugates,
which helps the communication of structure details within the scientific community. We highlight the comparative analysis of the
available tools which could help researchers to perform various tasks related to structure representation and model building of
glycans. These tools can be useful for glycobiologists or any researcher looking for a ready to use, simple program for the sketching
or building of glycans.”

The article is availaible over here:

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